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Little Known Facts About Florida OG Cannabis Seeds by DNA Genetics Seeds.

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The Best Strategy To Use For These Florida Cannabis Strains Might Go Down As Legendary

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We simply call it Triangle. If you get some real Triangle that is grown by a traditional grower, it is some of the finest you will ever smoke, duration. I had never ever heard anyone state it stemmed in the Okefenokee Swamp today that I think about it, that is rather possible.

Met an old redneck whose Daddy was the Sheriff in a little hick town in the Swamp up there. He sold us pounds (pillows) of the sweetest, stickiest bud we had ever seen for $3500. They grew it on little islands in the overload where they also raised chickens for Cock Battling.

The Ultimate Guide To Florida OG (DNA Genetics Seeds) :: Cannabis Strain Info

Perhaps that IS where Triangle started. In Research It Here , if you encounter any Triangle, it is well worth $50 an eighth if you need to pay that. jeffrow63 - Posted May 3, 2019, 3:56 p. m.

Florida OG has been described by the name of Triangle Kush. It was originally grown in the swampy locations around Georgia. This is an Indica strain that can be grown inside or outdoors. It grows finest in warm, arid locations. Florida OG Cannabis Strain Florida OG has an extremely effective scent.

Do not fret however as the taste is sweet and lemony. Florida OG gets rave evaluations for the quality buds it creates. They are dark green in color but they provide a small yield. Nevertheless, the quality of this stress is what makes it an incredibly popular kind of cannabis. It uses some of the purest and strongest THC up to 28%.

Little Known Facts About Florida OG - Cannabis Seeds - LaMota Grow Shop.

This pressure is frequently utilized by those that want to unwind however still have the ability to think plainly. Many individuals feel it assists them to be more creative and promotes performance. Florida OG induces moderate cerebral euphoria followed by relaxation. Florida OG helps enhance concentration and imagination, alleviates stress and anxiety, and eases inflammation and queasiness.

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